Central Australia's premier arts festival. 27 August – 6 September 2015

Words on the Run

Two Alphabologists’ (self-appointed word scientists) offer 100+ giant, wooden letters on a ‘spelling field’; creating a space where the audience can interact with a series of stimulating word puzzles and games, and to express their creativity through free and frivolous letter play. Words on the Run is a connecting ground for sparking conversation, playfulness and literacy-based interaction between word-smiths of all ages. Participation is open and fluid- and the wordplay can be enjoyed as an ‘on the field’ player, as a spectator or (as in most cases), both.

4 September6 August 2015
4th September: 3pm-6pm
5th September: 3pm – 6pm
6th September: 10am – 1pm
Fri 4th & Sat 5th September, Flynn Church Lawns, Todd Mall Sun 6th September, Festival Club, 5 Wills Tce